One day life just has a way of turning around and you see yourself from a different perspective. Either life serves you a gift, a warning or some awakening to get your attention. Sometimes it comes in faces, in places or just a request for some time. Some time to spend with you, but in a much different way than ever before. Whether you are racing around in a very busy life, or you are somewhat awake to what is going on inside of you. I am speaking of a light coming through a usually closed door, and quite frankly we all have awareness of the doors, some of us more than others. A door that is closed for that one day, some day that if kept closed will come knocking.

The times we are in right now, are times that you might be sensing many doors present, or one very persistent door, that you are hearing a distant, not so faint knock. I call this the opportunity to welcome an aspect of yourself in, one that is either known to you, or one that has been tightly kept under raps. Maybe one that you are not quite aware of, but on some level you know you have been doing the best you can to keep it closed. The places and spaces within you that are beckoning some much needed attention. Those places that are best left undisturbed, because if opened they will need to be dealt with. We all have these places within, and now is the time to be opening, taking a very good look, and then releasing and letting go.

Ok let’s get quite honest with ourselves, you have shoved too many dust balls under the carpet, and there is no more room to fit into your space until things are cleaned up. Ok, you do not even know where to start, but let’s be quite clear and simple. Start right now, in this moment. Don’t overload yourself with past misgivings. Be kind to yourself first and foremost. There is a theme that if you were to take a real good look at the commentator in your head, has the same old story. Most times a very painful broken record, and if we deny it, will just be brought forward in time as a lead weight to our life. You know what I am talking about peeps, we have all been there or are still here, filled with fear. All possibilities dear ones are on the other side of our fear, truly and completely.

So here is your opportunity to befriend yourself in a way you have never done before. Allow yourself the time and space to loosen the grip first and foremost, on the tight grip you have on keeping issues from yourself. You are tired and wary, and you know it is time to put this stuff behind you. The golden opportunity is here, and the skies are aligned to support you. The walk of freedom opportunity is here for you to let go of the root cause issues of your life, and you are ready. You are not alone, we are all going through this, and if you think you are alone, well that is another lie you tell yourself.

We are together in this walk of life, and yet with all our hurts we have convinced ourselves we walk alone. Well the wounded mind is the narrator of this story. The truth is the story teller is not telling the whole truth, and doesn’t want to be out of job, because it is about to lose it’s job. This is the golden opportunity you have been waiting for, whether you are aware or not, this is your time. Nothing to do anymore, allow the being to emerge from deep within, the one you have been holding back for all this time. It is ready to come out and show itself to you. The awesome you waiting to emerge, and what a gift it is. Closer than saying it with any word, your very reason for being here is to simply be love. It is very simple, and yet we have been convinced that this whole thing is one big complicated experience. What a load of crap have we been dealt? Much of what we have been served on a platter is completely unsustainable, and unreasonable. Yet can be banished in one very second, with awareness.

Ok, so here it is, here is the opportunity you don’t even know you have been waiting for. The time has come to take a look at what you really want and how your life is aligned to it. If it is not, then it is time to take a deeper look and aligned your choices to create that life. It is that simple. There is a golden opportunity in this moment for you to choose whatever is not working for you, right now, to choose differently. If time is what you need, then take it. If kindness and love is what you need, give it to yourself. It gets to be whatever you want it to be, align to your yearning deep inside, and if you don’t know. It is time to get to know it. Whatever you want and need is right inside of you, right now. There is nothing missing, nothing to chase or race for. It is much simpler than you can ever imagine, just take the time right now in this moment. Sit with yourself and allow the one that is always patiently waiting right inside of you to emerge. It can all change in this moment, and I invite you right now, to welcome YOU. It is your time, please take this opportunity. Peace in. Blessings abound, Cathy.

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