Stop Everything

Sometimes it just gets too much to handle, and it would be a good practice to stop everything.  Anyone out there feeling what I am saying?  This invitation is not to stop everything until the end of time, and yet it is asking for just one moment to stop, and see what is inside of you.  A lot of times we are not even aware that we are on a wild goose chase for whatever we are chasing, sometimes money, sometimes time, sometimes running away from ourselves or others, sometimes running to someone or something, and sometimes we do not even believe there is another way.  Anyone of this planet right now would welcome a moment in time to breathe in, and breathe out, but you know what?  Most of us do not know what to do with time without filling it up with everything that has been programmed in us to do.  If we stopped for a moment or two, and were able to see something from a different place, it might be a key to conserving a whole lot of energy that is being wasted from running none stop.  The new word of the 20th and 21st Century is, I am so busy!!!!  Anyone know about that one?  I know I do, and I want to ask the people that use that as their tag word, what are you busy doing?  Are you happy being busy?  Or is that your value and identity to feel so important being busy?  Or maybe you have never thought a second longer to ask yourself, is this busy the way I really want my life?

Without sounding like a very intolerant preacher, and that is not my intent.  I just wanted to share an invitation that I have taken, and it has changed my life.  The practice of stopping everything just for one moment in time, has opened up a very portal right inside of me.  I value differently now since I realized that there is another life form inside of me that if tended to will change my life.  Who I thought I was, is not who I am.  There was, and is a much different beckoning inside of me.  I have tasted at times places of peace that never felt possible from looking for everything on the outside.  Filling up with outside forces, searching and searching and never finding, doing the best I could do to fill up with something or someone that would always evade me.  Anyone out there know what I am talking about?  I know this, it is a journey and the journey never ends.  You are an infinite being having a human experience, and when you can taste this place inside it changes everything.  So truly there is nothing to do except allow you are to emerge.

This invitation is not for everyone, actually it seems that it is not for many.  It is a radical invitation to do what does not come natural because of our conditioning, and yet when you do stop, you will see the natural way inside of you is this.  Peace, love and quiet.  The other parts of us are not the natural way.  This is the gift to realize the power lies within your heart and soul, and not inside your racing head.  Once you practice this stillness, there are opportunities of clarity and wisdom that you didn’t think possible.  I know the supposed real world values busy, and doesn’t put much value on stillness and quiet, but if you are one that is being pulled for a radical change within, or life change, this might be for you.  Who are you?  Who am I?  Stopping the chase, and realizing there is a whole life force within the walls of your human form that is infinite and wise beyond any incarnation.  Wouldn’t you want to join crusades with this one?  Wouldn’t you want to befriend a deeper layer of understanding to help you truly know your potential.  I would, and I have.  I sure hope you chose to stop everything for just one moment as I did, and see what you see.  You might be delighted to see the real you.  I was!  Peace in, and remember to breathe and allow the grace of stillness to show you the way.  Cathy

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