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About Cathy

Thank you for coming to the We Are One Website. I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself, Cathy Bell here! Welcome! I have over 21 years experience in the healing field, with many Certifications such as Reflexology, Reiki, Life Coaching, Reconnection, IET Integrated Energy Therapy, Mindfulness and Intuitive Healing. I have combined all these tools, and also my life experience into unique experiential sessions and forums that can change your life. My dream and wish has always been to create a lighthouse, where individuals can come and be reminded of the truth of who they really are.

What is my take on life? Well, I wish I had a pill to give everyone that would remove all barriers that we struggle with, and yet my experience is that all the challenges that I have faced have birthed a very compassionate, energetic, purposeful life filled with light. I know that the viewpoint I now see out of, can and will be paid forward to help others. My passion for people far exceeds any illusion of separation. Stopping the war within oneself, absolutely affects that to which we see on the outside.

The sacred mission is very simple, I provide a sacred place, and hub, that the “soul” intention is to get a deeper glimpse into your true nature, and from that awareness pay it forward, creating a world with a kinder heart.

Discover for yourself the services, music, blogs or video messages, and you will find yourself connecting at a deeper level in your life, freeing yourself from limitations. I look forward to supporting you, and helping you realize the awesome you waiting to be seen.

















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