We Are One

2 – 5 hour Seminar embarking on a new journey, from separation to unity and oneness.  This viewpoint of oneness can be utilized in team building, relationship building, in personal and corporate environments.  We will take a deep look at the interconnectedness of our true natures in regard to working through conflict resolution, team building, strengthening communication, and managing negative internal dialogue.   This forum offers a deeper investigation into oneself, allowing awareness to enter into causal points with regard to relationships issues, and  divisive projection that creates many repetitive challenges.  The point of oneness is a place where we meet up to deepen our connections, and take responsibility for the judgement of ourselves, and those around us.

This seminar is very unique, and transformational in shifting the perspective to which you see yourself, and the outer world.  Hence building strong, sacred, powerful relationships, teams and bridges, where there might have been dams.   Cathy uses cutting edge breakthrough tools which will strengthen individual and collective environments.